Lee County Sheriff’s Youth Activities League

SYAL is a 501(c) 3, not for profit organization dedicated to meet the needs for recreational, educational, cultural, and social activities for the youth of Lee County.

The SYAL operates in partnership with the Lee County Sheriff’s Office, the Lee County Parks and Recreations Department, and other non for profit organizations, such the YMCA.
We are working with the support of local businesses and along side hundreds of volunteers to make our community better.

SYAL programs and activities are making a huge impact in the lives of the youth in Lee County.

Archery Program

We have the largest archery program of its kind in the country, with over 120 children participating and over 30 certified archery coaches throughout Lee County. This program’s most important priority is to teach our children safety, patience, and discipline. We have created partnerships with the Lee County Parks & Recreations Department, Nations Associations Charities, and the Southwest Florida YMCA.

Our archery teams practice year around with breaks that mirror the school year calendar. Practice sessions are held once a week with competitions throughout the year. One of SYAL’s long term goals is to provide children the tools to become great citizens of this nation. We are currently developing a new archery team in cooperation with Bonita Springs YMCA. Interest in the new team has been incredible, and unfortunately no more spaces are available at this time.

Teen Driving Challenge

This program is a multi-agency partnership with the Florida Sheriff’s Association, the Lee County Sheriff Office, and the Sheriff’s Youth Activities League. It is held in the Buckingham area once a month and twice a month during the summer. This two day program for teens that are learning to drive requires one day of classroom instruction and one day of experience behind the wheel of a vehicle. Participants learn great defensive driving skills and learn why distracted driving is extremely dangerous.

Participating teens are required to:

1. Have a driving permit or operating DL
2. Be between the ages of 15 to 19 years old
3. Have a working vehicle with insurance

For more information on the Teen Driving Challenge class schedule, please check out the Lee County Sheriff’s Youth Activities League website.

Tice Pool Project

Again, our great partnership with the Lee County Parks and Recreations Department benefits the TICE community. In the last two years, our agencies have worked together to open the public pool in the Tice community located on Glenwood Avenue in Fort Myers. Through our partnership, the Tice Community Pool was open during the summer for ten Saturdays. The children in the Tice area had an awesome time. The pool was staffed with volunteer lifeguards (LCSO deputies and LCSO Explorers). The children were instructed in water safety and provided with basic swimming instructions. We had an average of 90 to 100 children visiting the pool each Saturday.

This is a great opportunity for the children in Tice to learn to swim and learn basic water safety.
One of our primary goals with this project is to educate children about water safety and to allow them to have a great time while they are learning.

T.O.O.L.S (Teens Outstanding Occupation Leadership Solution)

This program is an example of an amazing partnership with a local business, Harley Davidson of Fort Myers. It was a successful program that culminated in 2012. The TOOLS program is currently going through some changes this year.
In 2012, SYAL selected 10 high school students for the T.O.O.L.S. program. With guidance and assistance from the Harley Davidson Mechanics, these young people dismantled a Pan Head 1959 Harley Davidson motorcycle and rebuild it. The motorcycle was raffled last year, and the SYAL received the funds to continue supporting our programs.


Continuing our partnership with the Lee County Parks and Recreations Department, SYAL sponsors a basketball tournament once a year in the Lehigh Acres Community at Veterans Park.
The basketball tournament is run by the L.C.P.R. staff and volunteers from the Lee County Sheriff’s Office. LCSO Deputies assist with coaching and mentoring the athletes that participate in this event. The support from our volunteers is paramount. We are creating positive interactions with law enforcement officers and the community.

These are some of the many activities that SYAL organizes and operates. We support many more events and programs in Lee County.

Become a partner in progress for our community!

A donation can be made to the Sheriff’s Youth Activities League by sending a check payable to:

Lee County Sheriff’s Youth Activities League
13300-56 S. Cleveland Ave, Suite 56, Mailbox # 201
Fort Myers, FL 33907                                                                            

The SYAL is a 501.c 3 # 26-1557408 registered charitable organization and donations are fully tax deductable

For more information contact the Lee County Sheriff’s Office, Public Services Division at (239) 477-1395.  Or contact Executive Director, Sgt. Scott Lineberger at (239) 258-3285  Email:  slineberger@sheriffleefl.org


If you are interested in volunteer opportunities or learning more about the SYAL, you can contact
Sgt. Scott Lineberger
Lee County Sheriff’s Office
Public Services Division
1039 SE 9th Pl., Suite 201
Cape Coral, Florida 33990
Office Phone (203) 258-3285